Surprise your Valentine with liquor chocolates, customised cookies and cakes from Bliss.
Bliss Bakery, Greater Kailash (GK 1), New Delhi || Bakery Reviews


  • Sonal S

    The holy grail of all things sinful and sweet. Hands down the best bakery in NCR. Must try is the Mangolicious cake - it melt right in my mouth and i was sold. Orgasmic and sexy!! HOW can food do that?. Next on my list of everything else on the menu. PS. Oats cookies is a must try especially for the weight watchers. Came in for desserts but couldn't resist trying the cheese toasties and was not disappointed. It also doesn't hurt to add that the staff is polite and offers free samples to the customers. Yayy!!

  • Riti Goswami

    Located in the lane leading towards the entrance of the market. As soon as you enter, you are welcomed by a flavourful aroma of freshly baked cakes, and that is the best smell ever. Not a very big shop but definitely has everything stacked. From sandwiches, macaroons, pastries, cakes, cupcakes, juices to even some very tasty Ice Creams. I was excited to try the Red velvet cheesecake ice cream and I must say it was awesome. They also have an offer these days which says if you like their page on fb, they'll give you a free brownie shake. So yes, how could I have not accepted this offer. The brownie shake was out of the world, not to sweet, just the perfect cakey taste that we should get. Must try! There is still a lot left to discover over here for me, so I'll definitely be visiting again. Also, a special mention to the owner, he stands their himself and helps you in selecting the perfect dish for your taste buds, he's also very interactive which makes anyone want to go back again.

  • Hungry Soul

    wonderful bakery with excellent options....great in taste...sandwiches are too good....cakes and pastries are good too...some good shakes also to is quite small, so its better to have a take away rather than having it there

  • Ashok George

    Extremely good shakes. Especially the black currant flavour. Very polite service as well. Not very costly as well. Do pay a visit. Plus the best location in Delhi.

  • Chhavi Bhandari

    We had ice cream shakes, very interesting flavours and yummy. Love the fact that they use the best and freshest ingredients. The few quick bites on the menu were homemade and tasty too. The staff was polite and very helpful. I would highly recommend bliss bakery especially if you want to indulge in your sweet cravings without feeling bad about unhealthy ingredients!

  • Priyanka

    It's a decent bakery in the heart of GK; in M Block market. The owner gave us a warm welcome. Bliss bakery has some really refined collection of pastries using really blue -chip quality ingredients and a special mention of the majestic teas they serve.

  • Reeva Chugh

    Amazing chocolate truffle cake, just loved it. Superb icecreams with just the perfect level of sweetness, my favorites - Roasted Strawberry and Dark Chocolate Sorbet. I also got the raspberry almond tart packed, will update the review soon.

  • Amandeep Singh

    Loved the macrons. And tarts. Start with the shakes soon!!! @blissbakery. The essence and flavour gives you the English touch which justify the product, whether to be cake or cookies. Must Go experience .

  • Vrishti Goel

    Bliss bakery is a fantastic place ..We wanted a customised birthday cake and were a lil doubtful about trying out a new place .. that too last minute.. but the owner was really helpful and the cake turned out to be even better than the picture!! Do check it out yourself :)

  • Samrat Basani

    Bliss Bakery is fantastic. Ordered a lemon tart on the way home, didn't expect it to be nearly as good as it was. The owner is helpful, knowledgeable, and charming. Do check this place out. Great food at reasonable rates.

  • Arpita Sarin

    One word : amazing! Had the best caramel walnut tart in a longg time! Truly scrumptious and a go to place for people with a sweet tooth! Utterly blissful! The setting is cozy and the staff is really warm!

  • Rishabh Rath

    This is the best bakery in town! We had an urgent requirement for a theme based cake for our lil one and Bliss did a fabulous job in making one of the best cakes we have ever had! Always going back to them for anything sweet! Bless you, bliss!

  • Darpan Uppal

    Amazing Ambience and Ice Cream at a very good locatin. All the flavours were amazing and pastries were equally good. Would suggest every person to try once and you'll fall in love with it.

  • Ashu Pandit


  • Parisar Jain

    Hey Bliss guys are the best in town.......the flavours you got in ice cream are mind blowing...........the fondant cake which i ordered was amazing. Everyone like it a lot.......thank you so much for giving us the best.....

  • Abhishek Rawal

    Great coffee and cupcakes, loved the warm service as well. Tried the fresh ice creams, really liked the black currant yogurt one Will surely be visiting soon to try other desserts and sandwiches.

  • Yukti Anand

    Perfect. I hope Bliss keeps it that way- you can actually get the intended flavours and their stuff is somehow not the usual super sweet sugar factory one usually finds.

  • Gaurav Jain

    My favorite dessert place in Delhi! Everything looks great, and tastes better than it looks. Best part is nothing is too sweet as almost every other bakery. As someone who doesn't have a sweet tooth, this means I'm completely spoilt to the extent I can't have desserts at other places. Stuff I've tried till now (it's all been awesome) Chocolate Mousse cake with Orange curd Coffee and Raspberry macarons Black Forest cake Tiramisu Lemon tart and cupcake Espresso brownie Caramel cake Even the coffee and frozen yogurt's great (the black currant yogurt is simply divine)

  • Anupum

    Have the best cakes and pastries I've had across the globe. Very light and balanced sweetness in every product. A must must try is their Raspberry and Mint Soda.

  • Anita

    My first experience with Bliss Bakery was indeed a very good one........ I tried their, Choco-Walnut cake , Red Velvet Cheesecake, Double Chocolate Whammy pastry, Brownie, Lemon Pound cake. The cheesecake was just the correct texture and melted in the mouth. All the bakery items were fresh and tasted good. I would surely recommend this to everyone !!! Also tried their Ice-creams which are again made from all natural ingredients !!! Must visit to this cute place !!! They have a sitting place outside their shop and its okay. Would surely give a 5 on 5 for this very Bakery joint !!!! Keep up the good work !!! My pick :- Double chocolate Whammy and Ice-creams !!!

  • Anushka Yadav

    I just love, love their desserts. Their cakes are to die for! We had tried their chocolate truffle and banoffee pie, both were delicious! Way to go guys:)

  • Akriti Agarwal

    }Thank you mahak for this gorgeous cake It tasted equally good as it looks.:) My family and friends really enjoyed the cake.we were absolutely delighted by it..thankyou once again

  • Brinda Shroff

    The chocolate ice cream is to die for! Should definitely try that. Delicious, pocket friendly and naturally made. This pretty little vintage bakery will definitely make you happy and the best part is they offer a lot of guilt free desserts and ice creams to savour! Must try!

  • Nikhil Sharma (Foodienikhil)

    I recently visited this lovely bakery in GK. I tried their Capachino, Red velvet Cheesecake which was soft and yummy, Lemon cupcake was something I tried for the first time as it was sweet from outside but bitter inside this combination was just perfect, then I had Quiche which is a tart base with vegetables filled in it and lastly I had Chefs special sandwich which has a lot of cheese and vegetables in it. Everything tasted delicious actually but I liked Quiche the most, it's a must try. The best part of this place is that they make their own bread and use only natural ingredients.

  • Rohit Prasad

    A bakery with a heart! Thats how good food is made and is the cornerstone of the values of this bakery. The warmth of the bread and bakeries is not just what you whiff upon entering but actual interactive ppl who take pride in their ownership and their venture. After several visits and always having tried just 1 single product the Chocolate Sorbet for this Happy Vegan...i casually asked a lady attendant about Vegan options which i had so many of in Australia. She quipped that the demand is very low understandably but right away retorted she'd make something for me! Now thats really amazing and incredibly thoughtful...and i find out the lady attendant was the Chef herself The Ms. Mahak in question. She and her (i think manager partner) run such a fab place with such a fab affectionate heart. Having no vegan options at all she seemed very well versed about the lifestyle and politely referenced with me on my requirements and dietary eliminations. Got my details down and will be soon be calling me with some surprises. Thank you and good luck. Rohit.

  • Sneha Yadav

    Looking for an option for a great bakery? Bliss Bakery at GK is a perfect end to your search. I was in GK few days back and suddenly had a craving for pastry. The friend with me suggested me to try pastry from bliss bakery as it was close to us and she really liked the food at her visit earlier. So post shopping, I visited the bakery and got quite impressed by the look and feel. Ambience: The bakery is small and cosy. It has a small outdoor sitting area as well. There is just one table indoor. The cakes and pastries in the display were just mouth watering. After going through the menu I decided to have some quick bites like Hummus and Pita and chicken sandwich. Both were decent in taste. In drinks I had frappe. As my pastry craving dragged me to this bakery I ended up with red velvet pastry and white chocolate coffee dome. Coffee lovers should must try this. The taste of coffee along with the feel of pastry is just commandable. While leaving the bakery I got Macrons packed for myself. They also serve ice-creams and they have some sweet gift giving pre packed items too. I am surely visiting this bakery again and soon!

  • Divya

    This magical little place located in GK 1, M Block market is made with lots of passion and love. Serves unbelievably good desserts. They are Famous for its multiple cake flavours in egg and eggless categories. The pastries too are extremely delicious and almost everything is within your budget! They even have a plethora of savoury snacks for one to bite into. Oh and their hot and cold coffees, and ice cream shakes are not one to miss either! I attacked on Dark chocolate ice cream sorbet Cookies and cream pastry Chocolate muffin Red velvet cheesecake Chilli cheese toastie Chef special veg sandwich Nutella heaven And banana cake And loved EVERYTHING! All was blissful at Bliss Bakery. We recommend, you visit this place and see it for yourselves. Don<80><99>t forget to stop by here for the gastronomical experience you have been waiting for!

  • Prakul Bakshi (

    I was strolling in greater kailash market looking for desserts and if possible for a strong cup of tea, wherein I stumbled onto this place, by the looks of it, it seemed as a bakery pulled out from the streets of London and placed in Delhi. Just outside the market, right in front of the parking the location couldn't have been better. I had the double chocolate mousse, the chicken sandwich and a cup of tea. Everything was perfect. The owners paid attention to each and every customer and each and every order which was amazing. Would visit again for sure.

  • Rangan Kumar

    A great place savours my taste buds . I love coding here every now n then . You must try their pastries and their home made chocolates . I like the way they treat their customers as well.

  • Rajni Dembla

    Bliss Bakery has many yummy cakes/ice creams/breads/pasteries for your functions/parties. And at a very reasonable price. I love this bakery ... always fresh and the texture isn't heavy. The decor is very pleasant.

  • Aaroh

    Delicious cakes & wonderful presentation. We had tried Chocolate Truffle & Banoffee pie. Both of them were absolutely amazing. Must try in Delhi NCR

  • Usha Malik

    bliss bakery has yummy ice cream s &delicious cakes&pasteries @yummy @allitemes are yummy. Ice creams are so many flavours .breads are many in variety

  • Harsh Varma

    We often reach out to them when its about volumes and they have always delivered quality on time. Cakes, Cookies - Really subtle flavours, no preservatives, very fresh. I would be happy to give 6stars to them - one of the best in towns.

  • Neha Singh

    Their desserts are to die for, especially the banoffee flavor which is a super delicious combination of banana and toffee, is a must try. I'm very conscious of the calories I take in, but this one place has the power to break my will. Keep it up guys!!

  • Nikita Sharma

    Wandering around streets of M-Block market in Gk-1 and craving for delicious desserts, then Bliss Bakery is the place. It's a one stop shop for ice creams, desserts and savouries all together. The little bakery offers seat for 2-3 on inside and an outside seating for around 7-8 guests. The aroma of roses is so enticing and refreshing.The area is well lit and trust me, each and every item looks so tempting that you land up in a dilemma to choose the best one. The staff is suggestive and helps you have an overview of the flavours so that you're able to choose according to your taste buds. I went with a group of friends and tried the following items: CAKES: Red velvet cheesecake - This was definitely my favorite out of all. The most presentable and most delectable one. Blueberry cheesecake - This being the second best with appropriate amount of cheesiness, a tint of sourness and sweetness. Nutella heaven - This resembled a Chocolate bar. It was really chocolatey and a must have for chocolate / nutella fans i.e., everyone I'm sure. Red velvet cupcake - Little red velvet cupcake was so soft and delicate, I had to be really cautious while holding it. And tasted amazing. QUICK BITES: Hummus and Pita - A special mention to the pita breads that were nicely baked and served hot along with smooth and creamy hummus in a glass jar. Loved it. Chilli cheese toasties - Made with two different kind of cheese, the sandwich was so cheesy filled with veggies. Yummy. Chicken and herb sandwich - Again a cheese toastie. Tasted crunchy and scrumptious. DRINKS: Vietnamese cold coffee - I thought<80><8b> it'd be something different, but it was a normal cold coffee. It was thick and tasted good. Hot chocolate - Heavenly and chocolatey served with chocolate cookie is a much needed refreshment. From the beauty of cakes and pastries, to the huge variety, to the taste of all the items all of it was very pleasing to the tastebuds. I am definitely coming back here.

  • Naveen Jalan

    Experienced the best cakes and pastries They respect your feedback. Never eaten such a good muffin and tarts. Especially i took tarts from them and went to costa coffee. As i do not like there muffins and cakes. Best place for their eatables. I ordered one cake which my children liked so much that we ordered cakes for birthday party also.

  • Stuti Gupta

    staff was very kind & helpful, had pastries & ice cream, it was fresh & tempting, had a great time. good place to hang out with friends & family

  • Jasmeen Kaur

    If you are fond of cakes and cookies with delicate and personalised feel and taste, this is the place for you. Modern interiors, lot of variety to chose from, preparations also seem very fresh Had red velvet cake, coffee macarons, coffee flavoured glaced igloo (pic attached) (i forgpt the name, but it looks that cute), baklava and dark chocolate icecream. Everything looked beautiful, specially the macarons, crunchy on the out and soft on the inside. Red velvet cake was soft, not too sweet to give you sugar rush that cakes usually do, well balanced flavours. Also got dry cake and chocolate almond cookies, great taste, crunchy and fresh. Highly recommended.

  • Taniya Vij

    Scrumptious desserts, classic gelato flavours, heaven for sweet-tooth people like me. Must visit for people visiting GK m block market. Loved the bakery products..very chic!

  • Shashank Patodia

    This little bakery tucked in GK has its own story. Run by a sweet couple, this bakery is made of love and its pretty evident in all their preparations. I visited this place with a small group of friends. We all wantd to satiate our sweet tooth and whoa, what a delight. We ordered for Chocolate cupcakes, Chilly Cheese Toasties, Hummus with Pita, Veg Quiche, lots of Macarons ...we just could not stop ourselves. Let me start with the food- Chilly Cheese toasties were absolutely crisp, loaded with cheese, contained peppers in the right amount- an absolute yummy preparation. Hummus with Pita came with Roasted Pita breads- something unique and amazing. Veg Quiche was my personal favourite-Stuffed with loads of veggies and cheese, it just melted in my mouth. We then started with desserts- Macarons were light as feather and the wafer was deliciously crisp. The chocolate cup cakes came in two options- with sprinkles and without and were topped with a variety of cream options. Absolutely delectable. And did I just forget to tell you- we ended our meal with chocolate sorbet which was extremely chocolatey and equally sinful :-) Absolutely must try .

  • Shruti Mehendiratta Choudhary

    It's literally a blissful experience with the special bakery items at this place. Feels like chef puts her heart in while creating the special and different items. The taste is subtle, yet contemporary, different and yummylicious.. The packaging is again classy and soothing to the eyes.

  • Seema Gurnani

    Bliss bakery, a cute little outlet in the starting of M block market in greater kailash 1. The outlet is cute and fancy and will give you a European feel. The manager over there, Hemant was super friendly and helpful with a courtious nature towards the customers. I tried the vegan chocolate icecream and loved it. All the products used here are organic and raw and imported from Germany and UK. The quality of food is great but pricing is slightly high but totally worth it. I also had the hummus and pita breads. They gave me the freshest of the product and I also tried some cookies, yumm! Must visit this place.

  • Akhil Malhotra

    This place was recommended to me my very close friends and basis their experience and feedback we ordered a chocolate and oreo cake on 15th may for my sister's birthday....and the end result.<80>...DELICIOUS cake thanks Abhinav....

  • Renee

    Bliss Bakery is a cute little bakery, with an inviting vibe. The display counter has an exciting array of sweet goodies to choose from, leaving you thoroughly confused as to what to pick. I had the following - 1.Chocolate Cupcake - The cupcake was fresh and the frosting on top was perfect! 2.Chilli n cheese toast - Grilled toast with melted cheese and green chilly. This is one of my favourite comfort food snacks. 3. Quiche - The outer tart was nicely baked and the filling was very flavourful.

  • Kevin.j

    Chocolate mousse cake was delicious. The cake looked very pretty and the cake melted in my mouth. The small macaroons added to the taste and over all look of the cake.

  • Radhika Agarwal

    Bliss bakery-truly a bliss for dessertarians. I was here with my friend and we were on a sweet roller coaster ride. Such indulgent luscious shakes and tempting cheesecakes- small place but it will satisfy your tastebuds for sure. This bakery uses dairy cream and butter- no dalda based artificial creams & margarine. What makes this bakery fantastic is the fact it uses 100 % chocolate and real vanilla(not artificial vanilla essence). Espresso brownie was another delish delight which made me drool. I also tried savoury items-grilled sandwiches and hummus pita which were yummy. Vanilla muffin which tasted divine with the hot cappucino. Two beverages which I would like to recommend- Vietnemese coffee and Cappucino. I bet you won't find such amazing flavour,aroma and taste anywhere else. I am definitely visiting soon Follow my food journey on instagram- teekhi_mircheee

  • Shakaharichicks

    A cute little bakery in GK1 is a perfect place to satisfy your sweet tooth. The bakery is small, have inside sitting for 2-3 people and at most 10 - 12 outside. We ordered, Vietnamese Cold coffee and mocha cold coffee. If you want to try something different, go for Vietnamese as they use evaporated milk in it. And if you are more of a chocolaty sweet flavor kind of person then go for mocha cold coffee. Blueberry cheesecake & red velvet pastry : I think I fell in love with the creaminess of blueberry cheesecake and also the softness of red velvet pastry. Both were divine. Mocha almond ice-cream is a must try. Cheese sandwich were nicely grilled and well stuffed. Chocolate cupcake was also very delicious. They make everything in house. Also have a wide range of freshly baked breads and also cakes. Recommendation: red velvet pastry and mocha almond ice-cream. You can also try milk hazelnut gianduja.

  • Abhiti Abrol

    This place is amazing. Ordered a Belgium chocolate cake for a birthday party. Without any doubt it was one of the best cake. Do check this place out. Great food.

  • Tinakapoor03

    Had very amazing sponge cakes from here few months back.. loved them.. Two days back on a very short notice, I asked them to bake a cake of my choice and design for my sister's bachelorette, was really impressed with the quick service, lovely cake.. it was exactly how I wanted.. thank you

  • HungryFoodie

    Love the home baked feel of this bakery tugged away from the hustle bustle of GK1 M black Market. Must try mocha ice cream, very pleasant real flavour. The entry is hard to find but when you enter from the first gate to Mbloack market it's on your right near the parking

  • Anuja Dasgupta

    Bliss Bakery was the chosen one for my birthday this year! My friend got an amazing Chocolate Mousse and Orange Yoghurt Cake and OMG it was sinful! Absolutely soft and perfect was that cake and the taste still lingers in my mouth! I am totally floored by this quaint little bakery we tried for the first time and BAM! It has hit a sixer in the first shot itself! Brilliant! Keep up the good work guys, it's a competitive industry :) Good luck!

  • Ritik Mehta

    one of the most important reason why I would suggest anyone about this outlet is the gift hampers they have here at the outlet. Once we enter this outlet we get a positive vibe which would make us visit the outlet again and again

  • Priyata Rajput

    A beautiful new bakery ready to serve us sweet treats in the heart of Greater Kailash! Amongst enough eateries there lies this modern and edgy outlet serving fresh cakes and bakes! Picked up- <80>White Chocolate Coffee Dome- As the name suggests, a dome shaped dessert with a couple of layers of white chocolate , coffee etc ! The texture was really smooth but overall not much to my liking ! <80>Chocolate Cupcake- One of the best cupcakes I've had! Such dense chocolatey cake with a chocolate glaze and frosting! Absolute delight! <80><9d><8f>Meringue Cookies- My God! I'll buy this one over and over again! Tiny meringue cookies melting in mouth! Crisp outside, cotton like inside, almost vanishes in the saliva! *Drool* <80>Hot Coffee- A nicely brewed coffee with less of milk! Just the way I like! Made my morning better! Definitely a new place to watch out! Can't wait to try their other varieties of cakes and some savouries too! Petite outlook and satisfying items! Deserves a visit!

  • Nitin Sreedhar

    A cosy little bakery with excellent items to satisfy your sweeth tooth cravings. I visited Bliss some time back and have been wanting to go there again. Give it a try, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

  • Lavina Khanna

    A very cute and nicely done up place. Loved their muffins and cupcakes. Impressive array of offerings. Will try coming back to try more items.


    We celebrated our office colleague few days back and we ordered intense chocolate orange cake. I must say these guys are doing superb job such a awesome cake it was from top to bottom it was flavouredfull for me. I will soon book my birthday cake from here also. Thanks for making our evening so perfect

  • Anaya Malik - Savour That Flavour

    This cute little bakery is tugged between the Franky tibs near the parking lot of m block market GK 1.... So I was in the mood for ice cream, I tried a few flavours and naroowed my choice on roasted strawberry and black current yougurt sorbet Both were well flavoured, but I was just blown by the black current Over all good experience shall try the cakes next time ! Also they have a loyalty points system to do check in and get points and cakes free !

  • Veg Foodie

    Another awesome place eintbhe vixityni of GK 1 tried their truffle cake , pastries and breads. Evrtttniwa sfreh and yjmyy ordering more form this palc.e till ehn bye

  • Outofordr

    GK1 finally gets the bakery it deserves!! Tried them twice: assorted pastries and Black Forest cake... Black Forest cake was outstanding and reasonably priced for the quality & taste!

  • Arun Chauhan

    This bakery was suggested to me by a friend, when I was looking for a great cake option for my wife's bday. When I visited it, by look and feel it gave me an idea of a britsh bakery. It's a small bakery outside the main market right in front of main parking area. Great location I would say. Even though I was there for the cake but lookinh at the pastries at the display, I couldn't control my craving and had few of them. Really amazing taste. I will be coming back soon!

  • Oscar

    Nice and friendly staff, okay ambience, too cramped up though- not enough seats. Macrons and the tarts were yumm, too hard to find any like those, yet the hot chocolate was good enough nothing special. The patisserie knows his work. Stuff is price worthy.

  • Pranay Singh

    As my pastry craving dragged me to this bakery I ended up with red velvet pastry and white chocolate coffee dome. Coffee lovers should try this. The taste of coffee along with the feel of pastry is just commendable.

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